Here’s How to Really Discover Your Passion

Today let’s talk about PASSION and the mystery behind it.

If you talk to a lot of successful freelance designers on what type of service you should offer when you are just starting out, I’m pretty sure you will hear advise like.

– Do something that you are good at
– Do something that you love
– Do something that you are passionate about

Or some other form of those statements. Right?

Starting a freelance service around you passion is actually good advise.

But there is just one problem…

Most of us start without a clear idea of what our passion is!

Do you know what you are passionate about?

If you do then you then lucky you.

But if you don’t have a clear idea about what you passion is, here’s something that I hope will make you feel better.

You don’t need to know your passion RIGHT NOW in order for you to start a freelance design career that will bring you success and happiness.

I believe that the biggest misconception most people have about PASSION is that it is a pot of gold that you find at the end of a rainbow. It’s when we think that if we can only find out what our passion is and build our career around it then we will be happy and successful.

I’m sorry to tell you. BUT PASSION DOESN’T WORK LIKE THAT.

The dictionary defines passion as a “strong emotion”

Did you get that? It’s an emotion!

It’s not a thing or a hobby, or a strength, or an interest or something you are good at. Passion is a strong emotion towards something, or to frame in a stronger way, I call it OBSESSIVE LOVE.

So what does this mean for you in terms of being a freelance designer?

Here’s a value bomb I want you to remember!

Passion is never found by THINKING about what you love doing, it is found by DOING things and loving it.

Let’s say for example that you love basketball.

When you were a kid, how did you know that you love basketball better than badminton? Did you just think about it and had that aha moment?

My bet is you went ahead and played ball and discovered that you like it. You enjoyed being a part of a team. And so you learned how to dribble better, shoot free throws, shoot three pointers, do layups, block shots. You even asked your parents to buy you the best rubber shoes and gear that they can afford. You discovered your passion for basketball by playing basketball.

Similarly for badminton, you discovered that you weren’t good or passionate about it because you didn’t enjoy playing the game, or you had trouble hitting the shuttle cock with your racket.

In both cases, you figured out what you loved and what you didn’t love by trying. And once you figured out that you love basketball, you got obsessed to know more about it and be good in it.

And this is how you should approach finding your passion for your freelance design career.


This is the exact formula I followed to discover my passion for creating animated explainer videos.

When I started freelancing in 2009 I had zero knowledge about animation. It wasn’t even in my list of hobbies, or strengths, or skills. The closest experience I had was making photo slideshows for my friends who were getting married.

But like in the basketball analogy, I just tried doing it. My first animated video wasn’t very great, but by trying, it got me interested and curious about it.

So the next step, I experimented, studied, did exercises, watched tutorials and did a couple more projects.

When problems came, I had to learn to persevere and figure out what types of clients and animation I was good at and enjoyed doing. So I turned down projects about video editing, music videos, slideshow videos, 3D videos and more.

Finally I reached the point when I realized that my passion was in creating simple explanations through animated videos. And when I got there, I just funneled all my efforts into it until I was earning more than what I was being paid in my last job.

Did I know I was passionate about animated explainer videos when I started? Not at all!

But it was in trying that I discovered it! Imagine if it didn’t?

So quit overthinking about your passion and what freelancing service you should start, just do something you like or curious about and put your heart into it.

Persevere long enough and see if you are obsessively in love with it to the point of being geeky about it. If not, then quit and try something else.

Finding your passion isn’t a pot of gold, it’s a process that never ends. It can and will change in your lifetime.

You can’t be a professional basketball player when you are 60, even if you obsessively love it. So you need to rediscover your passion everytime.

To be totally honest with you. I am personally trying to rediscover mine, because right now I cannot spend as many hours anymore making animations like I used to when I started.


Cheers to your journey of discovering your passion!



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  1. Ginger May 11, 2017 at 8:56 am - Reply

    Agree, Charlie! 🙂

    Oftentimes, failing makes you find find something that you love and that you are passionate about! 🙂 Like you, I started that way, too! Experimenting and trying is really the key to discovery and to a clearer mind! haha! 🙂

    • Charlie Aquino May 11, 2017 at 7:01 pm - Reply

      Thanks Ginger for the comment. Yeah every failure brings you closer to success and finding what you love. Scientist pala tayo, puro experiment. 🙂

  2. Rey M Baguio May 11, 2017 at 9:04 am - Reply

    I love what you’re doing here, Charlie!

    Passion as obsessive love? Cool!

    I look forward to seeing more of your content, Charlie.

    • Charlie Aquino May 11, 2017 at 6:58 pm - Reply

      Salamat Rey! More videos to come. 🙂

  3. liberty May 11, 2017 at 10:29 am - Reply

    Love the video, love your voice, love the copy, love everything!!! This is how you do it!!!

    • Charlie Aquino May 11, 2017 at 6:57 pm - Reply

      Thanks Liberty! 🙂

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